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Mailo Free account creation


For your protection, security measures are implemented:

  • It is forbidden to create a Mailo Free account in order to register on third-party services.
  • Validation e-mails sent by third-party services for recently created Mailo Free accounts are refused.

Third-party services are the services which require a contact or validation e-mail address, in particular:
classifieds, online sales, games, dating and financial services.

With these measures, Mailo engages for a responsible use of Internet

Third-party services require an e-mail address in order to check the digital identity of their visitor.

Mailo pays special attention to the reputation of the e-mail addresses of its users.

Yet Mailo cannot guarantee to third-party services that a recently created e-mail address refers to a trustworthy user.

Therefore, to prevent a malicious use and ensure a proper functioning for all the users of Mailo and of third-party services, registration e-mails to third-party services are automatically refused for recent Mailo Free accounts.

You will shortly be able to register to third-party services, as soon as Mailo's security system will have validated your legitimate use of the service, according to section 5.3 of the Terms of use.

If you want to register to third-party services now, choose Mailo's trial offer with a single payment of €2. You will benefit from Mailo Premium for 2 months.

Choose the trial offer